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2022- Will see the launch of Lynda King Taylor's Latest Book.

"Can you Succeed in Business without going to Hell."

As a result of Lynda's repeated BBC Breakfast performance, & by popular demand, watch out for the above updated version of her original best seller "Can you succeed in Business and Still get to Heaven?" Not to be missed in 2022.

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View the interview by clicking HERE.

  Customer service expert, business & international management speaker on managing change & restoring brand reputation. Read her newsletter & what other clients say : then consider booking Lynda for your after dinner speaking engagement, or your conference, coaching and training events.

Contact Lynda by email to or via her dedicated telephone on +44 (0) 7775 658067

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Read the latest review from SPD - a happy client

Alongside the star statue of 'Paddington Bear' Lynda says well done to Baz Swain, Head of the 'Olympics Ambassador' team who, along with British Transport Police,  welcomed record visitors, commuters, athletes & entourage through the mainline Heathrow Express Station. Lynda said Paddington was a major London railway station meeting & greeting during 2012 with "an Olympian strength of spirt & service seen in the volunteer Ambassadors and British Transport Police who looked after, not only the millions who used the Station, also businesses & residents from our Paddington, Westminster neighbourhoods. The corporate, customer challenges were the most remarkable achieved  - an Olympic energetic excellence endeavour. As a local resident & business it was an honour to say Thank You."  

Lynda has been asked to write the authoritative book for the policing profession and one that is crucial to the role of the police in the 21st century.   ''The Future for Policing - rhetoric, reform, reality''  will be the definitive book for all in law enforcement: policing partnerships, agencies & officers: training schools: academics: to opinion makers and the general public.  If you wish to be part of it, or feel you can contribute to the debate,  contact Lynda asap or call + 44 (0) 7775 658 067.

If interested in Lynda's previous experience with Policing please refer to : articles on the future for policing with the previous Metropolitan Police Commissioner's such as Lord Peter Imbert QPM, who changed the face of policing.
Watch this space for more information. 
Lynda King Taylor interviews Sir Hugh
                          Orde Lynda King Taylor interviews Paul

Read Lynda's two interviews for the above book where Sir Hugh Orde President of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and Paul McKeever Chairman of the Police Federation discussed their views on the future for UK Policing - why politicians know little about policing, the fine line between politics and policing and the determination to have an open & honest public approach to policing. These issues will be further expanded and explored in the new book alongside current critical reforms and regulation for the police service.

                    King Taylor interviews Sir Hugh Orde

Also for the book Lynda interviewed the Whitehall mandarin Sir David Normington who gave an insight into how the Home Office rose from its 'not-fit-for-purpose' depths to face the future. Watch this space for Home Office and Government rhetoric & reform in the pipeline 2012 - 2013.

This speech, "Winning Community Relations" is in Manchester, click HERE for more info.
(building on the success of the first original Winning Community Relations programmes designed and delivered by Lynda)

Building on Lynda's unique energetic experience of working with Police and Community Leaders which will be a feature for her other book 2017 'The Future for Policing - rhetoric, reform, reality'.

Lynda King Taylor writes for the UK's Association of Chief Police Officers and their Policing Today. She has interviewed the country's most senior policing adviser to the Government, Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC). Through their inspection of police organisations and functions, HMIC has the aim to promote efficiency and effectiveness of policing in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and to ensure: agreed standards are achieved and maintained; good practice is spread; and performance is improved. Also to provide advice and support to the tripartite partners (UK's Home Secretary, police authorities and Forces) and play an important role in the development of future leaders. Read Lynda's interview with Sir Ronnie Flanagan on his review on policing and his thinking behind it.

Lynda King Taylor with Derek Williams & Tarique Ghaffur CBE QPM before he left the Police as Assistant Commissioner Metropolitan Police Service London, following their highly praised presentations at SOCAP's annual European conference. Derek is creator of the national WOW awards and Lynda has joined his team as consultant marketing executive in selecting the UKs most outstanding organisations in customer service.

Energise your Enterprise -  Easynet the European network & hosting company chose Lynda King Taylor for their European customer service guide.  Visit their research results of 1666 snr mgrs across 7 countries @ Article: British Stiff Upper Lip Hinders Good Service

Lynda conducts a "magnetic" masterclass where she shared insights on outstanding customer service with senior business leaders including one of Scotland ’s best-known entrepreneurial spirits Sir Tom Farmer.

View the event content, including one solely built around the tourism and hospitality sector

Read her views on service delivery.

See feedback on the event.

Lynda working with the Metropolitan Police Service, London and Edward de Bono on a unique programme on innovative thinking in crime reduction for safer neighbourhoods.

Lynda King Taylor has worked together with Special Report Publishing and the Daily Telegraph on their major features report "Surviving catastrophe: successful business continuity management"

Why not share your best practice and interest with Lynda. If your experience & energy could be included in a case study in her next book below Email

View the Report synopsis
View info on Lynda's new book
View Lynda's previous material in the Telegraph report in 'Protecting your Business'

For information on the Daily Telegraph special report contact Lynda at:

2022 will see publication of Lynda's new book, "How to succeed in Business without going to Hell"
here is a taste of chapter content: "Managing Meltdown & Controlling Chaos"

Lynda works together with the most authoritative in the global business continuity
and resilience industry to produce a sought after manuscript on managing meltdown
and chaotic events.

The top ten best practice case studies on how organisations have coped when disaster dawns, terrorism terrorises & terminates trade, transport and travel. Activists alarm, systems subside, credibility's corrupted, loyalty is lost, computers, centres, customers & communities collapse, products & people pollute - in fact when shit hits the fan and all hell lets loose.

A timely book given recent terrorism, cyber-attacks, financial failures, hacking horrors and Olympic ordeals, with content discussing the crisis leadership and reputation resilience that is vital for organisations defending and sustaining their brand against sudden shock.

The Resilient Organisation - a blueprint for leadership - is a major theme throughout the book and an area where Lynda has gained expansive, elite expertise through her book research and consultancy networking. 
The book will draw together leading global CEO's, politicians, and commentators to identify how we can improve the resilience of our organisations, businesses, economies and communities. If this includes you, your job role or your organisation, please get in touch now with the author,

A special chapter contains coverage on combating the dirty war on eco crime and environmental terrorism whether accidental or caused through organised criminal involvement. Special regard is given to the criminal threats to environmental security taking place cross-border in the enlarged European Union. Addressing one of the most challenging areas currently facing international security, this book will also contain the most dynamic and dramatic thinking on threats potentially affecting the well-being of citizens, customers and communities worldwide.There will also be material on impending legislative arena such as economic sabotage and corporate manslaughter.

"Managing Meltdown & Controlling Chaos"  is a "must have" read.

Winning Community Relations - Lynda delivers 'best practice' service delivery and presentation skills for improving working partnerships and community/customer relations across multi-cultural societies and 'hard to reach' groups. This unique seminar has received high accolades, visit here to view background & feedbacks.

Edward de Bono and Lynda King Taylor - Working together helping London's Metropolitan Police Service to change "faster than ever"

Edward de Bono
Lynda interviews Edward de Bono for
Business Executive magazine,
why creative thinking is all the more
vital in the decade of innovative

Lynda presented top training talent with 'Investors in People' recognition awards in Scotland. Scottish Enterprise, one of the world's leading economic development agencies, hailed their Glasgow event a great success, with Lynda making an excellent, thought provoking and entertaining contribution"


Do you want your conference to be the best attended ever? See what the CEO of the LIA said about Lynda's efforts for the second year running working with the UK's top financial advisors.


LKT and Video Arts, the world's leading training providers.
Lynda was keynote at the launch of Video Arts inspirational e-learning programmes. "E-volution not Revolution" is the fastest growing market in training. Click for more!

Tony Buzan and Lynda
Radiant Thinkers - the world-renowned inventor of Mind Maps and LKT working together head first.


LKT presented to 200 senior managers from Pitney Bowes European operating companies



Creating VALUE & VISION in the hospitality industry for Scandic Hotels: Lynda worked with 24 of Scandic's high flying Euro managers at their Business School in Germany

Police Review - "Interview scores high marks"

The UK's major magazine for the police service put LKT as their profile personality on their 'VERBALS' page.


customer service

One of the few female corporate speakers whose message and mission travels across Europe and beyond.

 After dinner speaker, change
                                      management expert, CRM expert
                                      & speaker, business speaker
                                      & international management

'Listen to the sound of the river if you want to catch a fish.'

Lynda King Taylor is recognised as one of the UK's foremost experts, and exports, on cultural change, improving quality, `value for money' and performance at the customer service and brand reputation delivery levels. Her case study experience and expertise in building the resilient organisation is from working knowledge gained across all sectors of business and public service.

Her work covers all aspects of customer/community relationships and diversity management - advising organisations on achieving excellence through best practice, presentation and leadership skills. Significantly, the better management of critical incident and contributing to corporate success in uncertain and unkind environments.

Currently Lynda is working on her next latest book which is being relesed in 2020 (Keep watching this space) on the ultimate in corporate social responsibility and compassionate capitalism. The book highlights the way forward for costumer service and management motivation, energetic ethics

In 2012 the judicial investigation into relationships between press, police and politicians (the Leveson Inquiry) heard from the UK's Metropolitan Police Commissioner that public confidence in his police force had been damaged by events. Lynda King Taylor met with the Head of New Scotland Yard Bernard Hogan-Howe who explains why political games have no role to play in his drive to rebuild the reputation of the MET police brand and make it 'the best in the world'. View her two interviews in Public Servant magazine on 'A measured approach to policing' and 'Building bridges or pulling strings?'
See the spotlight on Lynda in the international magazine Business Executive, explaining enlightened enterprises and their charismatic culture in a competitive environment. She discusses her new book for the next decade-
'Can you succeed in business and still get to Heaven' .
  Business Executive magazine
Lynda is equally at home working across the public, private and voluntary sectors both in the UK and on the international scene.    
  Lynda's Newsletter

Lynda's service excellence expertise is energised as Marketing Executive for the WOW national & international recognition Awards for customer service. Let us know if you wish to nominate an individual or organisation for an Award during 2013.


Follow Lynda's views on improving public sector performance, service delivery and brand reputation in her unique features, published monthly, in the premier publication for today's public service leaders. Her style is vibrant - this column has vim, vigour and vitality Access her ' monthly major features' column in the magazine, Public Servant, at  or request a copy of this influential publication by email to

                                    Servant magazine March 09
When Lynda met the previous UK's Government Minister for Employment & Welfare Reform, Tony McNulty, she discussed his increasingly tough tasks - the rising tide of unemployment, recession reform, helping the most vulnerable back into work & self-worth the inspiring ingredient for transition-not-unemployment being the way forward. Watch this space as this feature will be updated shortly with the current Secretary of State for Work and Pensions The Right Honourable Iain Duncan Smith MP and will discuss what's new, changed & what will be the scenario for 2013.   Lynda
                                    interviews Tony McNulty

Lynda's work on bringing cross-cultural teams and 'hard to reach' communities together to fight crime and social injustice, was recognised by the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair,  as a "distinguished winner" of the Home Office 'Taking A Stand' Award. Visit the
  press release

Community Relations and Communication

Lynda won the first interview with previous Policing Minister Vernon Coaker for Assoc. Chief Police Officers 'Policing Today'. He discussed with her a new era for policing, partnerships, politicalisation, plans, & priorities as he took on a plethora of policing problems towards the 2012 Olympics.   Lynda interviews Vernon Coaker

Watch this space for interviews, with current Government Minister and others, on issues being covered in her new 2013 book 'The Future for Policing - Rhetoric. Reform. Reality.'

Lynda wrote that UK senior police officers claimed in order to deliver a fair & equitable service Government needs to rethink on policing priorities Lynda King Taylor says that UK senior police officers claim that to deliver a fair & equitable service Government needs to rethink on policing priorities and remove the handcuffs.

In 2013 Lynda will be reviewing local policing with the introduction of new reforms - such as Local Elected Police & Crime Commissioners also Neighbourhood Forums.

Read Lynda's interview with the most highly respected senior police officer - Sir Ronnie Flanagan - who was the UK Home Secretary's senior policing advisor, & previous Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Constabulary. He talked candidly with Lynda on his Review for modernising policing, boycotting bureaucracy and a refocus on communities policing. In coming weeks Lynda will be interviewing HMIC seniors For her new book on the Future for Policing noting where progress occurs towards 2014 The 21st century is demanding new skills and ways of working from the police service as officers grapple with sweeping changes in global threats and increasing pace of technology; Lynda reported from a major Modernising Policing conference & discovered how police are rising to the challenges and that "policing is too important to be left to police alone."

Lynda met with Peter Neyroud, the then chief executive of the UKs National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) a key ally in policing reform. Read about the complex challenges he faced & watch this space for interview with the Chief Executive NPIA & future challenges.

The UK's Home Office Minister of Security, Counter-Terrorism Crime & Policing gave his first interview for Policing Today to Lynda King Taylor. Read this interview where he discussed communities getting the policing they deserve. In the pipeline are other new Home Office interviews happening with Lynda 2013 for her new book Future for Policing.

Read Lynda's feature on 'Communities & Communication' in Policing Today - The journal of the Association of Chief Police Officers of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In her new role as Chief Correspondent Policing Today look out for more interviews on all the above issues.

View Lynda's training programme on presentation skills for building community and customer relations. This success programme will be re-run in 2013 and for more information on this and other events contact Lynda at or on +44 (0) 7775 658 067

The UK's Home Office Minister of Security, Counter-Terrorism Crime & Policing gave his first interview for Policing Today to Lynda King Taylor. Read this interview where he discusses communities getting the policing they deserve.

Read Lynda's feature on 'Communities & Communication' in Policing Today - The journal of the Association of Chief Police Officers of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

View Lynda's training programme on presentation skills for building community and customer relations


Also in Policing Today read Lynda's article "Facing up to Disaster" where she reviewed responses to recent major incidents and asks whether government policies to deal with emergencies & maintain business continuity are working

Public Sector News

Follow Lynda's views on improving public sector performance, service delivery and brand reputation in her unique features, published in the premier publication for today's public service leaders. "Her style is vibrant - this column has vim, vigour and vitality" Access her features in the magazine, Public Servant, at or request a copy of this influential publication by email to

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Read more of Lynda's popular interviews & articles
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Lynda met UK's Vernon Coaker, who was in charge of policing, security & crime and the UK Labour Party Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. They discussed how officers can be free to do their jobs with minimal interference from Government; putting policing back where it belongs; and what the Minister called the "new era of policing - a transformation" The feature has been a prelude to the reforms, rhetoric, and reality happening across UK policing and being updated for Lynda's new book 2013

A recipe to revitalise communities: Lynda interviewed Hazel Blears, UK's then Communities Secretary of State, and MP for Salford, on devolved government, responsive services, connecting with the people & why it is vital politics is made to work at ground level.

Bodies such as the UK's Audit Commission should "have more teeth - especially in areas of business continuity & corporate responsibility" Lynda met with Chris Flint, Crisis Management Adviser at risk management & insurance intermediaries Special Contingency Risks & Willis Group. She discovered the problem is that "there is too often little or no accountability inherent in our systems." Lynda is working with Chris on her new book 'The Future for Policing'

The Home Office has undergone a "seismic" transformation and "policing is not as it used to be" said Tony McNulty the former British Labour Party politician, who was the Member of Parliament (MP) for Harrow East, & the then UK's Minister of State for security, counter-terrorism and policing. He talked with Lynda about new police collaborations, tackling the nation's fear of crime and winning government's ideological battle. In the next few weeks Lynda will be building on these issues with current Home Office Ministers + senior police for publication during 2013.

Public Sector Procurement can be longwinded and ludicrous, especially dealing with complex technological issues. The Scottish Parliament, with a selected supplier LogicaCMG, demystified the procurement process & got to grips with competitive dialogue. Lynda illustrated how an innovative service solution had the Scots leading the way. These service solutions will be updated 2013 with more of Lynda's features in publications and for her events work.

Lynda met with Neil Couling - the then Jobcentre Plus Director for Benefits & Fraud at Dept for Work & Pensions who has been called an "inspirational leader" & now reforming welfare in the UK. LKT found a tonic for the brain pain suffered in his previous Directorate in the thick of transformation and targets in the delivery of benefits to around 5million people and the UK's continuing fight against welfare fraud. This is an area Lynda will be following - find out more

Lynda discussed security for the 2012 London Olympics with Tarique Ghaffur when he was Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner & Head of the Olympics Security Direcorate. Also with British Transport Police's then Assistant Chief Constable David McCall. She discovered "Securing an Olympic Dream" was more than protecting at least 33 venues, 10,500 athletes from 204 nations, 250,000 accredited persons and 500,000+ daily spectators. The World in 2012 saw the 'Made in Britain' Olympics Games excelled in gaining Gold - the ultimate challenge.

General Sir Mike Jackson is Britain's most famous soldier of modern times. The outgoing UK's Chief of the General Staff, professional Head of the British Army known as 'Macho Mike' the author of 'Soldier' (his outspoken account of a life lived through conflict) and Lynda met a leader from the front, who remains fierce in defence of causes across the globe and Whitehall.

Leadership - the Imbert way. In his days as Commissioner, Lord Peter Imbert CVO, QPM, transformed London's Metropolitan Police Force into today's Metropolitan Police Service. Lynda worked alongside Peter Imbert's innovative challenges 23 years ago - this feature saw Lynda meet again with the then Lord Lieutenant of London to discuss modern day policing and being an 'upfront' leader when it all goes pear shape. Peter is working with Lynda on her next book and read some of his recent views on policing which he discussed with Lynda during 2012.

Lynda looked at the future for the slimmed-down Home Office on the passing of yet another previous Home Secretary. She discussed if the divided Home Office is split-for-purpose: and how one of its largest customers - the police - not to mention their public - are backlashing against a targets culture. Lynda will be re-visiting the Home Office during 2013 to see how they are progressing with policing & the public rhetoric, reform & reality.

The establishment of a National Identiy Card scheme caused critical concerns & contempt. Before he retired, Lynda sought out James Hall, the Home Office man then at the helm of an often controversial Government Department. She discovered the strong private sector player who ran a key public sector role - the Identity and Passport Service. They discussed the brand reputation of individuals intimacy - their identity - tackling the problems of a modern world. Lynda will be progressing these issues soon with the Home Office UK Border Agency as part of her new book in 2013 on the 'Future for Policing'.

The British Transport Police (BTP) has recovered from a 'crumbling infrastructure' to meet the sternest of tests with distinction for all its customers. Lynda interviewed their then Deputy Chief Constable Andy Trotter QPM, - now the top man - and discovered why private profit and public safety can make uneasy bedfellows. Lynda interviewed Andy Trotter since becoming Chief Constable and is due to meet with him again to review a post Olympics BTP 2012 - both for her new book and for other policing communications and conferences she is involved with.

Lynda's unique interview with Bruce Mann a senior British civil servant, who has been the official Head of the UK Civil Contingencies Secretariat of the Cabinet Office who says emergency planning is learning the lessons from past crises. Post Olympics 2012, Lynda will be updating her interviews for her new 2013 book on Managing Meltdown & Controlling Chaos.

Lynda's feature 'Steps Forward from a Disaster' on the lessons learned from London's response to terrorism post 7/7 will also be reviewed in 2013 for the above book.

Interview with London's then Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur CBE QPM - a leadership role model for policing and the Muslim community. There will be an updated interview with Tarique in his new role since leaving the Metropolitan Police. He has since set up a Foundation to promote shared responsibility for security and safety amongst vulnerable communities in UK and is also a Chairman of Community Safety Development Global Ltd.

"Too costly, too hard, too frightening" Lynda King Taylor has heard every excuse for ignoring business continuity planning and risk management. How are we doing post 2012 will be part of her new book Managing Meltdown & Controlling Chaos. Also Read her 'Vision' article 'What are you scared of?' in the UK's Business Outlook magazine. If interested in being part of this book please contact Lynda at or on +44 (0) 7775 658 067

When it comes to leadership and business excellence, Alex Linkston was the Chief Executive West Lothian Council in Scotland, constantly driving up the standards. He headed the only UK unitary Council to receive a corporate Charter Mark - the UK Government's gold award for excellence in customer service and also the WOW award. Alex discussed with Lynda their latest ambitions.

During 2013-14 Lynda will be upgrading features & case studies for more WOW work - not only that this excellent Council have established, also other organisations such as Housing Associations & Partnerships, plus Police Constabularies and others across all sectors who have achieved their WOW 'recognising great customer service ' award standards.


Lynda and Alex at WOW

Lynda, as Marketing Executive of the WOW customer service awards working alongside Alex Linkston, seen here at the Scottish Award for Business Excellence where he won the Leadership Award. Lynda said 'It has been a pleasure working with Alex when in Scotland - he has shown tremendous leadership skills. His Counci continually drove forward improvements especially in customer service. A few years ago in 2006 they became the first Scottish Council to be named UK Council of the Year, and the only unitary council in the UK to receive a Corporate Charter Mark - the UK government's gold award for excellent customer service - as well as being the only local authority finalist in 2007 at the European Excellence Award in Greece. That is a WOW post-Olympian year achievement.

See Lynda's feature on Alex and West Lothian Council.

To know more about Lynda's work in the public sector email her direct at or call on +44 (0) 7775 658 067

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