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Lynda King Taylor and Edward de Bono came together to produce a programme for officers to improve community relations and reduce crime and disorder. The unique event was covered by the press including the UK"s best selling policing magazine Police Review

Lynda King Taylor (LKT) with Edward de Bono and the UK's Metropolitan Police Service's Assistant Commissioner, Tarique Ghaffur QPM.

Describing the programme as "an enormous success", the Assistant Commissioner invited officers on the programme to think creatively around three objectives:

The Metropolitan PoliceBuilding community confidence Significantly reducing crime and disorder Building staff confidence and capability

The Assisstant Commissioner added " We want to get officers to move away from the reactive mindset to a proactive one, from deterrent to prevention and from enforcement to problem solving."

Over the years LKT's work with the Metropolitan Police Service (The MET) has linked customer service, community relations, best practice and winning. Her work with police/community groups is unique - and the MET Police and City of Westminster's sector policing is now being regarded as a world role model. 

Only recently, South African community representatives visited Lynda's policing area in London and she is already en route to take the MET experience to other countries such as South Africa where reduction of crime and disorder is paramount.

Lynda says "This is all about mind over matter. In 2000 we recieved an accolade from Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) and the Audit Commission for our improvements in community relations and best practice. We have to work more effectively with our customers - partners - under the Crime and Disorder Act. 

Innovative use of limited resources is essential and I doubt whether this picture below could have been taken a year ago without Westminster police officers and their community jointly solving problems together."

One of LKT's core comments within the public sector has always been that with demands increasing and supersonic calls for proactivity, there is a need for more parallel, not adversarial thinking.

  "People must think together, focused in the same direction to solve a problem. At our MET event we all agreed that there may be nothing wrong with the way we are doing some things in customer service, community and staff relations, but challenging them may reveal a better way. 

"In my experience it usually does. No where is this better illustrated than within the spirit of partnership prospering across City of Westminster and our police/community sector working group in Paddington". As the picture shows, members of the local communities are working together with police and the policing partnership for a safer London. This includes support from across the board e.g. the Chair of the UK Egyptian Association Mostafa Ragab seen above with Lynda King Taylor at a meeting with Simon Milton Leader of Westminster City Council and Deputy Chief Constable Andy Trotter of British Transport Police. Given recent events following the London terrorism attacks, community relations working together has been a 'must have' essential. As Edward de Bono said, "You can analyse the past, but you have to design the future" . Training events, such as that innovated with the Metropolitan Police Service, are helping steer partnership support on a course vital for safer neighbourhoods.

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