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About Lynda King Taylor

Lynda studied behavioural science and psychology with the great late Fred Herzberg and also the Industrial Society. She introduced the first combined shop steward and supervisory training programmes in the UK and was the first woman to work with the production line at the then militant Ford plant in Halewood.

Lynda also worked in ICI, Shell UK, and numerous assignments on improving motivation, staff, customer and community relations - especially when business goes pear-shape, reputation goes out of the window.

Much of her work was covered in her early books Not for Bread Alone and A Fairer Slice of the Cake the task ahead. Secondments followed to the UK Secretary of State for Trade & Industry, international management consultants, and Volvo in Sweden.

Over the last 20 years she has worked across the globe from Caterpillar Tractor & IBM in the USA, South African Airways and other companies across Southern Africa, to many governments including Thailand, Hong Kong, Africa and South East Asia working with multi-cultural groups and disciplines. Lynda has also worked with European concerns as diverse as Finnair, Swedish State Power, Roche, Volkswagen, Exxon and many more public and private sector organisations ranging through the Metropolitan Police Force to UK Tourist Boards and Quality Scotland.

During 2013-14 Lynda has more commitments across a range of organisations, sectors, agencies and authorities. Keep up todate with her home page for more information on her work, latest news and the upgrading of some of her books mentioned below.

Call Lynda anytime on +44 (0) 7775 658 067 or email at LKTLondon@aol.com for more information on Lynda's agenda and activities.

Clients' reviews of her commitments can be seen at Client Feedback page.

Sunday Times Business Skills - Quality: Sustaining Customer Service, Corporate Excellence in the Year 2000, Quality: Total Customer Service

LKT's reputation was further strengthened when she was invited to write the book Quality: Total Customer Service, in the prestigious Sunday Times Business Skills series. Following unparalleled success, the book was acclaimed as the authoritative source of reference in its field and Lynda was commissioned to produce the sequel Quality: Sustaining Customer Service, which quickly became another best-seller.

Lynda published Corporate Excellence In The Year 2000 and also produced its audio book. In these works some of the UK's most innovative chief executives and business leaders discuss the criteria that they regard as being critical for future success beyond the year 2000. She outlines the future strategies of major UK organisations such as Asda, Hanson, Diageo, Hilton International, Whitbread, Marks & Spencer, Granada Group, Halifax Building Society and others. In the foreword, Sir John Harvey-Jones writes "Every one of us can profit by reading Lynda's studies and learning from them. Only open minds and an ambition to be the best will enable us to survive in business beyond the year 2000".

All of the above are for upgrade and re-release 2013-15. If you wish to be part of the case studies or sponsors contact Lynda.

2013-15 sees Lynda producing more books.
Critical Incident Recovery: business resilience. The ultimate in brand reputation and customer service when everything goes pear shape.

Information on her books and audio tapes can be obtained from Lynda King Taylor.

Also an upgraded version of her book "Can you Succeed in Business and Still get to Heaven" on social responsibility and corporate ethics towards 2015.

Lynda is the features consultant for the acclaimed magazine for public sector leaders - Public Servant. From 2007 she has interviewed previous leaders ranging through Bruce Mann, head of Civil Contingencies Secretariat; James Han, head of the new Identity and Passport Service; senior Police officers, head of Olympics Security Directorate, Tarrique Ghaffur, a review on the Split UK Home Office and others. Note her continuing features & interviews for magazines and new books durng 2013-14.

She also writes for Policing Today and the UK's Global Business Continuity websites. She has been an editorial consultant to Daily Telegraph with her latest report on "Protecting your Business - Think the Unthinkable" reaching 1,500,000 managing directors, CEO's, CFO's, CIO's and CTO's as well as professionals in business continuity management.

See features and Daily Telegraph pages.

As a consultant Lynda has advised major manufacturing and service organisations including Texaco, Nissan, IBM, Scottish Equitable, Kwik Fit, Hilton Hotels, Ford, Cathay Pacific, CGU, major UK insurance combine, First Direct Bank and in the public sector particularly with the Police Service, Army and for the National Health Service. Her exclusive expertise can be seen from her breadth of client base and skills success. See Client Feedback.

A dynamic consultant and speaker on customer service, restoring brand reputation, cultural change and critical incident recovery. She has shared conference platforms with business leaders all over the world. Lynda is also an experienced chairperson of seminars, a first class service delivery "motivator" with a popular sense of humour! Her talent is her adaptability to work with ease in both the public and private sectors at all level of an organisation. She has recently done repeat performances for Quality Scotland with masterclasses in achieving quality excellence, with one dedicated to the hospitality and tourism sectors.

Lynda is based in central London.

Hear what the sponsors and delegates have to say in Client Feedback

Lynda has been Chair of an Award winning police committee for its work on crime and anti-social behaviour reduction. This experience continues to be energetic in a variety of roles & responsibilities involving policing and partnerships. Discover more about her new book The Future for Policing: Rhetoric: Reform: Reality.

Lynda can be contacted on her dedicated Mobile: +44 (0) 7775 658 067

For more information e-mail: LKTLondon@aol.com

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