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Speaker Profile: LYNDA KING TAYLOR

Lynda King Taylor addressing 300 international senior executives

for one of UK ’s top 100 companies BAe.

"Inspirational was a much quoted word - she was "Great " its Chairman said




A top-class practical speaker whose working knowledge is “second to none”

One of the few female corporate speakers whose message and mission travels successfully across all global sectors. Lynda is one of the UK's foremost experts and exports on cultural change, improving quality of customer/community relations, critical incident recovery and brand reputation. This achieved at both Boardroom and the line service delivery level. She is a "wow" speaker at achieving excellence through best practice - and her case study practical experience is second to none. Equally at home working across public, private and voluntary sectors she is currently writing her next book on the ultimate in customer service - the loss of corporate, community & brand reputation when organisations do not manage change, complexity, chaos or catastrophe. More books are in the pipeline for 2017 including an upgrade of her original best seller

“Can you Succeed in Business & Still Get to Heaven”

Scots born, Lynda originally trained as a nurse, and then studied behavioural science and psychology before working for World Health Organisation in India & Pakistan. She joined the UK’s Industrial Society and worked in their Leadership and Industrial Relations departments. With them she originated the first joint supervisory/shop stewards training programme at Ford Motor Co. in their then militant plant at Halewood. She survived with flying colours and her industrial relations work extended to ICI, Shell UK + numerous other assignments on improving motivation, staff & customer relations. Much of that work was covered in her early best selling books ‘ Not for Bread Alone’ and ‘ A Fairer Slice of the Cake – the task ahead’ . These books were mandatory reading on senior management MSc and MBA programmes worldwide. Her enthusiasm and expertise for organisations’ social and ethical responsibility was covered in another bestseller "Can you Succeed in Business & Still get to Heaven" which is being considered for republishing with her current case work in 2013.

Her background as a survivor with flying colours


Feedback from her many clients and commitments is given on her website direct at:
Client Feedback


Working across the globe sharing best practice

Secondments followed to the UK Secretary of State for Trade & Industry, PA international management consultants in UK, Europe and New York, and Volvo in Sweden. Over the last 20 years she has worked across the globe from Caterpillar Tractor & IBM in the USA, South African Airways and other companies in Africa, to many public & private sector organisations in Thailand, Hong Kong, and those in the Far East, Gulf States, Middle East, and South East Asia - working with multi-cultural groups and diversity of disciplines, cultures, creed. Lynda also worked with European concerns as varying as Volkswagen, Finnair, Swedish State Power, Roche, IKEA and was keynote speaker at Exxon's global senior management conference (For reviews on her work see client feedback).

As a consultant Lynda has advised major manufacturing, financial and service organisations including Texaco, Nissan, IBM, Toyota, T-Mobile, Video Arts, Scottish Equitable, L’Oreal, Quality - Scotland, Kwik Fit, Hilton Hotels, BT, AT&T, Ford, Cathay Pacific, Philips, Scandia, Deutsch Telecom, Business Links, CGU, First Direct and in the public sector particularly with the UK’s Police Service, Army and the National Health Service where she has also served as a Lay Advisor on the Westminster Primary Care Trust.

Her exclusive energetic expertise can be seen from her breadth of base and skills success.

Lynda has addressed assorted audiences with A1 feedback. Whether receiving a standing ovation from 4000 18year old students in Paris, or winning high acclaim from her line service and middle management programmes in the Gulf, South Africa, Philippines and Dubai to her executive keynote speeches - such as her address to 300 BAe international customers when their chairman said she was "inspirational".

Books & Features

An accomplished author

Her own reputation was further strengthened when she was invited to write about her work published in the book Quality: Total Customer Service, in the prestigious UK Sunday Times Business Skills series. Following unparalleled success, the book became the authoritative source of reference in its field and Lynda was commissioned to produce its sequel Quality: Sustaining Customer Service, which quickly became another bestseller. Along with Sir John Harvey-Jones, the revered UK business leader and company doctor, they were the only two authors to simultaneously have two best selling books in the Business Top Ten list .

Another book was Corporate Excellence In The Year 2000and its accompanying audio book. In these works some of the UK's most innovative chief executives and business leaders that Lynda worked alongside gave their time to discuss with Lynda the criteria they regarded as being critical for future business success. She outlined the future strategies of organisations such as Asda, Hanson, Diageo, Hilton International, Whitbread, Marks & Spencer, Granada Group, The Halifax [now HBOS], the MET Police and others, as they came to terms with changing consumer, community and customer demands and diversity. In the Foreword, Sir John Harvey-Jones wrote of LKT's work " Every one of us can profit by reading Lynda’s studies and learning from them. Only open minds and an ambition to be the best as she says will enable us to survive in business."

Lynda writes on major disaster recovery issues and repairing reputation when life goes pear shape. She is currently working on a further book on this work. "Managing Catastrophe" is being launched in 2013. Destined to be yet another unique bestseller, its publication in the current climate is timely, and details can be found on her website

LKT writes regularly for many magazines and special reports for instance the Daily Telegraph. Pls see the Home page for recent articles.


Lynda served on the CAA's Air Transport Users Council for six years where she fought with a fervour to make cheaper air travel available, and for deregulation of the airline industry to give customers choice. She served on their airport Safety and Security Committee at a time when airline security was under scrutiny.

Lynda has also served on the CRIMESTOPPERS Board for the Metropolitan Police Service [The MET], particularly bringing its 0800 555 111 number into the public eye. During that time, she worked with senior MET officers restructuring intelligence systems including CRIMESTOPPERS.

She has done much work within the UK police service and is committed to improving the excellence reputation and performance of public sector delivery. Her web site gives more information on her policing activities in the UK where her diversity work in restoring police/community relations has achieved acclaim from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and the Home Office.

Lynda’s reference from the MET Police states "Her experience with commerce, combined with her knowledge of policing, makes her training approach unique … She has fire and drive … A breath of fresh air carrying high respect particularly with operational officers". She has been profiled in the major European policing magazine, Police Review and this can be seen direct at her website. She also writes for Policing Today, the magazine for the Association of UK's Chief Police Officers, including an analysis on post 7/7 terrorism outrage.
Lynda chairs a major Police Partnership Group in central London which has received Awards from both the police service & the UKs Home Office working with multi-cultural communities in crime and anti-social behaviour reduction for safer neighbourhoods.

Non-Executive commitments & capability


Lynda King Taylor with the previous Prime Minister Tony Blair receiving her Home Office national Taking A Stand Award

A dynamic consultant and speaker Lynda has shared conference platforms with business leaders all over the world. She is an experienced chairperson of conferences, seminar leader, and a first class service delivery "motivator" with a popular sense of humour!

Lynda can be contacted at:  
Dedicated Mobile: +44 (0) 7775 658 067    
For more information e-mail:    



'Better people, Better business'
was the theme of the event which saw Lynda King Taylor present top Investor in People awards recently in Glasgow Scotland . Scottish Enterprise, one of the world's leading economic development agencies, hailed their Glasgow occasion " a great success, with Lynda making an excellent, thought provoking and entertaining contribution"




2008 saw Lynda selected as Marketing Executive for the UK's national outstanding customer service WOW Awards. For more information on the WOW group and events visit their website


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