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LKT and Tony Buzan working together to bring best practice and best value especially for the public sector and the Police Service.

DEUTSCH - the major international manufacturer of aerospace components and a long time client of Lynda King Taylor - were guests at the joint Lynda King Taylor and Edward de Bono London Metropolitan Police training event. Lynda is seen here with David Burt OBE, the CEO of Deutsch. David Burt is also Chairman of the Buzan Group, a global company dedicated to helping people worldwide to expand their mind and develop their brainpower in an effective and constructive manner.

Lynda with David Burt OBE, the CEO of Deutsch.

During 2006 David Burt and Lynda will be working alongside Tony Buzan, who is the force majeur behind the Buzan Group. Tony and Lynda will also be producing a MET Police event and details on this will be posted soon.

Tony Buzan has written and co-authored over 80 books which have been published in 100 countries and translated into 31 languages worldwide. These include Use Your Head the million selling BBC classic, plus Head First published by Harper Collins. Tony also advises multi-national companies, governments, leading businesses, and Olympic athletes.

Lynda has long been an advocate and user of Tony Buzan's graphic thought organisation process of Mind Maps. She believes that mind mapping enables improved creativity, recall and problem solving - important ingredients for customer service. This year Lynda will work with Tony on radiant thinking for winning the competitive edge. This will be an innovative partnership with Lynda's established credibility in understanding people and relationships, and Tony's dedication over 30 years to the study of the brain and learning. Over the next few months "watch this space'" and see how ' learning to learn and think ' gains best value in winning!

For further information email Lynda King Taylor or visit Tony's websites at www.mind-map.com or www.buzangroup.com
Or speak with Lynda on +44 (0) 7775 658 067 and she can chat about her work with The MET Police and also with Edward de Bono and Tony Buzan.

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