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  • One of the UKs best known business book authors, across all agencies, e.g producing the popular Sunday Times Business Skills series – books, video, audio, and teaching aids. A strongly motivational speaker and spokesperson who can sell the message and mission. Has presented with international executives, politicians and authoritative figures world wide from Southern Africa to the Gulf, Europe to the USA.


  • Her restoring reputation, adding value and managing change accolades - across all private, public and voluntary sectors - have been acknowedged by Lynda being invited to present at many Awards ceremonies. Lynda is also the Marketing Executive for the WOW international awards which recognise great global customer service. For her contributions and achievements across policing and partnership Westminster, London, Lynda was awarded the Home Office 'RESPECT - Taking a Stand' Award from then UK Prime Minister Tony Blair.


  • Accustomed to dealing with senior management at board room level …. chairman & CEOs …. whilst retaining a natural affinity with operational management and those at customer service interface. A broad corporate experience and knowledge enabling her to turn her hand to working in both the public & private sectors.


  • An ability to deal with facts impartially and to get to the heart of the matter. To present and advise at all levels allowing a flexible, tailored approach to meet clients’ and organisations’ needs. Strong interpersonal and negotiation skills underpin her talent to communicate with internal & external audiences across all business roles.


  • A capability for analysing arguments and providing solutions often within daunting time, relationship and resource constraints - and under strict confidentiality. A strong understanding of the needs of diverse individuals from all backgrounds to help improve service and produce results. Politically astute, and works well with groups to maximise their performance and achieve required objectives.


  • A highly experienced and effective practical "hands on" individual with a proven record for managing change & cultural awareness. Enjoys and thrives on a ‘change’ environment showing solid skills in organisational development and project management leading to measurable results.


  • A well regarded and disciplined individual who has vitality and enthusiasm. A popular team player, motivational with a sense of humour!
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