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Lynda King Taylor addressed 4,000 of the cream of the UK’s fifth and sixth formers in Palais de Congres, Paris. Lynda discussed British business success in Europe beyond 2000. The audience of 17-19 year olds brought the house down with their standing ovation for her presentation. 

Other speakers at this annual European Study Tours event include the Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia, the Head of Barclays Bank Europe and Ken Livingstone MP - the new Lord Mayor of London. Her case studies included BBC Worldwide; the large UK pharmaceuticals combine Glaxo; Kwik-Fit Group - the specialist car-fitting centres across the UK and Europe and now part of the Ford Motor Company; DIAGEO - the new company resulting from the UK’s largest merger between GrandMet and Guinness.

Her loudest applause however came when she discussed London’s Metropolitan Police Service (The MET) and the brand image of Scotland Yard. The investigation skills of their officers and forensic departments are in demand all over the world ; and she encouraged her young audience to work together with the police rather than against them - better still to work for them!

Lynda was instrumental in working with the Metropolitan Police in helping it change from what was once known as a police ‘ force ’ into what is known today as the Metropolitan Police ‘ Service ’. This has encouraged its 40,000+ employees to accept a changing culture in their customer relations with the public they serve. 

Her police case work is covered in her two books in the Sunday Times Business Skills series. Lynda's work with The MET on improving customer relations within London's City of Westminster has helped earn that Borough an accolade of being 'visionary and innovative' from the UK's HMIC (Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constbulary).

Lynda was passionate about strengthening public/private sector partnerships. Her audience learned how community and sector policing, now being developed across The MET to restore reputation and improved performance results, was the envy of other police forces in the EU including Eastern Europe.

logo Asked afterwards about LKT's speech, an eighteen year old said he would always remember Lynda saying... 'If you stop caring you stop winning'. He's also thinking of becoming a cop!

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