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Glasgow 2002


Lynda presents top training talent with  'Investors in People' recognition awards in Scotland
Scottish Enterprise, one of the world's leading economic development agencies, hailed their Glasgow event  "a great success, with Lynda making an excellent, thought provoking and entertaining contribution"  

Scottish Enterprise Board [SEB] is one of the world's top economic development agencies and saw King Taylor present their top training talent with 'Investors in People'   recognition awards. 

 Lynda said the evening was   "A joy.  To see so many organisations from all walks of life committing themselves to ‘investing in people’ shows why Scotland has been leading the way in customer service, best practice and gaining competitive value.   

When I wrote my two books for the UK’s Sunday Times Business Skills series I included some Scottish companies, which I believe met outstanding criteria in the field of best practice in customer relations and service delivery.  After being invited to meet the best in Glasgow at this SEB event I could add a further dozen organisations who would be winners if the books were re-written today " 

Lynda was keynote speaker for Scottish Enterprise, Scotland's main economic development agency funded by the Scottish Executive.   Their mission is to help the people and businesses of Scotland succeed. In doing so, they aim to build a world-class economy. Their key priorities are to provide a range of high-quality services to:

  • help new businesses get underway;
  • support and develop existing businesses;
  • help people gain the knowledge and skills they will need for tomorrow's jobs; and
  • help Scottish businesses develop a strong presence in the global economy - building on Scotland's reputation as a great place to live, work and do business.

As well as companies and individuals, Scottish Enterprise also work with universities, colleges, local authorities and other public sector bodies to achieve these goals.  

Rated among the world's top economic development agencies, Scottish Enterprise is the main economic development agency for Scotland covering 93% of the population from Grampian to the Borders.  The Scottish Enterprise Network consists of Scottish Enterprise and 12 Local Enterprise Companies. 

Working in partnership with the private and public sectors, The Scottish Enterprise Board [SEB] aim to secure the long-term future of the Scottish economy by making Scotland's industries more competitive. They help business start-ups and existing companies to grow; promote and encourage exporting; attract inward investment and develop skills. 

Priorities include, commercialisation of academic ideas into good business opportunities, e-business, globalisation and economic inclusion.  As a result of Scottish Enterprise activities they estimate they have helped add approximately £900 million a year to the output of the Scottish economy over three years, creating or securing around 25,000 jobs

Scottish Enterprise Glasgow,  at which Lynda was keynote speaker, is part of Scottish Enterprise, a national economic development agency.  It is the Local Enterprise Company responsible for economic development within the city of Glasgow.  

Their mission statement states they are committed to working with others to make Glasgow one of the great cities of Europe for the benefit of all its citizens, businesses and institutions. They also act as a link to the range of services provided by others teams within the Scottish Enterprise Network. One of the key areas of economic development is the growth and development of local organisations.

Within the Growing Business Division sits their HRD [Human Resources Development] Team under the leadership of Denise Kerins.   "This is a small team of eight people with limited resources.  " 'Investors in People' is seen as crucial to our efforts, and as such is our flagship activity.    

However, to ensure that clients can reap maximum benefit from Investors, we engage in a number of additional specific and client focussed activities."

SEB Activities include:

  •  Skills for Small Business - Providing access to training for employees in small businesses.

  • PACE Workshops - Delivering bespoke training on various elements and requirements of Investors in People.

  • Personal intervention and advisory service on supervisory and management development issues.

  • Glasgow Excellence Networks - Managing small networks of 'Investors in People' recognised organisations who wish to develop further through using the Business Excellence Model [EFQM-European Foundation Quality Management]

Denise adds "We have events to stimulate interest in further development, to build networks with new organisations, and to celebrate success.   

These major occasions for senior executives and their teams provide both 'Investors in People' committed and recognised clients with the opportunity to hear from top professional and interesting speakers.

Lynda came to our event and gave an entertaining and thought provoking presentation, receiving extremely positive feedback. Our entire team and audience felt the evening was a great success, with Lynda making an excellent contribution".


Lynda recently presented a UK's  'Investor in People'   recognition award in Scotland to the General Manager Tricia Fitzsimmons [far right] and her team at the Holiday Inn Hotel Glasgow.  The team were being re-recognised for sustaining excellence delivery in training and staff development........

'Better people, Better business' was the theme of the event.

During her Scottish Enterprise   presentation, Lynda King Taylor shows her delight in announcing the winners of the recognition achievement 'Investors in People' award.  

During her speech Lynda said,  "Too often with training programmes, many organisations do not appreciate that if you want to build a ship, important as that may be, you do not give priority to drumming up the people to go to the forest to gather wood, saw it and nail the planks together.  

Instead, you must first teach them the desire for the sea.  Thank goodness the Scottish Enterprise Network exists to promote that vision."  



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